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What Would You DO if You Knew You Could NOT Fail?

The Universe
what would you do if you could not fail

Well… What would you do?

The possibilities would be endless right? When we take failure out of the equation we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of the human potentialOUR POTENTIAL. Our potential is endless! We can do whatever we think and believe. I say think first because our minds have to create the possibility and believe second because we create into physical existence that which we believe. It’s our WILL POWER.

One of the key components to manifestation is belief. If we truly believe in ourselves, our ability to MASTER Manifest, we will have no fear of failure. We will do what is necessary to create our visions without hesitation and with great inspiration!

I am here to tell you that, If you WILL believe it – you WILL ACHIEVE IT!!! YOU ARE AN INFINITE POTENTIAL OF ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!

So… “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” 


Go, DO, Create!

Tiffany Milkhannie

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