chronixx in az_rootsandchalice tour

On Sunday, April 17, 2016, Chronixx grace the stage at the Cresent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona and I was there!! What an epic night it was! As you can tell by the bad pictures and sweaty drunken glares, I was in full groupie mode. haha… not really the “professional blogger here to get a good story for my blog, as I had initially intended, style at all!.”  

Anyways, this post is wayyyyyy overdue. I was so disappointed that I didn’t get the shots I wanted, afraid to do him an injustice with a crappy post, and too embarrassed to post the videos from that night… by the way, its voiced over with me screaming and jumping up and down like a damn drunken-high fool, lol.

So, I’ll keep it fun and light because if you don’t know by now, YOU NEED TO KNOW about CHRONIXX the Hottest Jamaican artist since Bob Marley!!! … enjoy the post 😉



chronixx on stage 0

Probably the best shot I got all night! haha...

me at cresent ballroom
me and tt at cresent ballroom

A couple shameless selfies... oh hey Tt! 😉

crowd pic

Diverse crowd waiting patiently for Chronixx to take the stage...

chronixx on stage 1


chronixx on stage 2
chronixx on stage 3
chronixx on stage 4

Chronixx pon deh stage!! !

roots poster 0
chronixx on stage 7
chronixx on stage 6
chronixx on stage

Chronixx getting down wit deh crowd!! ! Mad tings man!

chronixx roots and chalice cd fb

Everyone received a complimentary Roots and Chalice CD... whoop!

One of My Favorite Songs on the Roots and Chalice CD "MAJESTY"

me and tt at cresent ballroom

Shout out to the rasta wit dat fiyah who shared deh herb... lol

couple drinks in chronixx on stage

Mad Vibes...

ganja n drinks in chronixx on stage

Mad Vibes... Trippy ! Things start to go hazy from here man...Big UP!!

CHRONIXX Encore Another 20 mins!! So DOPE!

chronixx 20 min entourage
chronixx on stage 11
chronixx on stage 7
chronixx on stage 9
chronixx on stage 10

I can't describe fully wit words deh high vibrations floating in dis place...

chronixx on stage 13

Chronixx wasn't the only one wet - we all left sweaty and full of life...

chronixx on stage 12

Chronixx closing the set wit his beautiful song "Rain Music"... how fitting 😉


I literally felt high for two days following the show with the song Majesty stuck on repeat in my head. No lie! I can remember waking up the next day smiling and still feeling the high vibrations that circulated from the Cresent Ballroom where Chronixx performed. Everyone was so positive and had great energy, so much so, that after Chronixx did his initial set and left, he came back on stage for another 20 mins because everyone was still so pumped and screaming for him to return. I will never forget this experience – it will go down as truly one of the highlights of my life! If you get a chance to see Chronixx in your city or nearby… GO SEE HIM!!! I promise you will thank me later.

I look forward to following your success and patiently waiting your return. 😀

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