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IT’S MONDAY MORNING…and I am 2 seconds from taking down my locs. To be honest, I already started yesterday evening. I keep going back and forth… from should I just redo them or do I just need a break. lol

Truth is I am in love with faux locs! ..natual kinky looking hair and all things afro-curly!! (Don’t get me wrong – I still love my virgin Brazilian hair extensions! Its just now I am exploring something different…) So why after just 2 weeks, am I ready to take my hair down and do something else with it? Maybe because I love versatility or maybe my many personalities are out of balance and at conflict on what hairstyle to wear next….tiring so suddenly of this one. Dying to express myself in so many new ways.

I must say that I had fun with these lovely faux locs … from enjoying the intimate time it took to install them, to experimenting on all of the exotic styles to wear them. I can’t leave out, the many entertaining reactions to me having them. I loved it all!! I literally felt like I was wearing a crown at times (very fitting for a QUEEN).  🙂

Checkout some of my looks!

A little Faux Inspiration

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Cultural History

The Roots of Dreadlocks

The roots of dreadlocks can be trailed to the Rastafarians of Jamaica, and further, to Indian sages and yogis, but they have never been more popular or widespread than they are today. It is said that dreadlocks originated with these eastern holy men. Possessing nothing, renouncing the world and possessions (not even a comb) they eschewed even personal grooming, hence the inevitable dreadlocks. Dreadlocks get their name from Jamaican tradition. Those with ‘natty’ locks in their hair were to be dreaded, or feared. When slavery was abolished in the US, it was no longer legal to enslave African Americans. But good ol’ America found a loop hole, no one said anything about not enslaving native peoples of India.

– See more at: http://www.dreadlocks.org/the-history-of-dreadlocks/#sthash.mAcSmveL.dpuf

white girl dreadlock
White girl embracing the Locs

Why I decided to get Loc'd?

It’s quite simple – If I can wear a weave than I can wear faux locs. Besides the obvious previously stated, I love faux locs, all things kinky, and afro-curly… I wanted to see how I’d look, how I would feel, and what it would be like to wear them.

I can remember my initial feeling was a sense of freedom… free from the conformed ideals of neatness… which can also be regarded as, the ignorant assumptions that dreadlocks or natural afro-textured hair is messy and unacceptable in mainstream society. Waking up every morning and seeing myself in loc’d form was sort of a test for me – that I passed with flying colors!- I woke up… looked myself in the mirror and thought “Daaamn your BEAUTIFUL girl!!!” Then I would proceed to build my hair up, as if to reach the sky – full and big on top – as if I was wearing the biggest crown up top my head. -Don’t trip…just the thoughts of a Queen. ;-p

Your probably wondering why is that even be a question for me,”how I would look or feel.” But, to be honest…. if after wearing your hair straightened, relaxed, and weaved up for years, you don’t get to see yourself in natural form much. Let alone walk around sporting your natural do. So of course, you’ll tend to get used to seeing yourself altered. You’d also wonder how other people would react to seeing you look so differently.

I’m feeling great! I love me!! I love my curls and I’m learning to fall in love with my frizz (we have a love- hate relationship as of now). I am completely okay with showing the world ME. .. as you will, see as I continue to explore different hairstyles. It doesn’t matter whether its weaved UP, extensioned down, AFRO-puffed or Loc’d . hahahaa

Your turn!.. What made you get Loc'd? Let us know below.. post a photo.