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Quote of the day

I like to think of my hair as a plant... I water it, feed it, and watch it grow with tender loving care!

Tiffany Milkhannie

When it comes to my natural hair, I like to use this K.I.S.S. method for most things… not sure if it’s because I’m lazy when it comes to this hair or its just what works best for me over the years. hehehe ….Anywho, I’m sharing this K.I.S.S. with you!!

Things you’ll need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Oils
  • Hair clamps/ties
  • Detangle brush and/or comb

Hair Wash Day... K.I.S.S. Routine!

tiff dirty hair 0

Starting with Dirty Dry Hair

tiff dirty hair 3
tiff dirty hair 1
tiff dirty hair 2

1. add conditioner generously throughout hair

apply conditioner 0
apply conditioner 1
apply conditioner 2

2. finger detangle and part into four sections

finger detangle hair
hair in four sections 0
hair in four sectons 1
texture 4a 4b 3c



I start by applying conditioner generously throughout hair making sure to work it in nicely. The conditioner adds initial moisture to my hair and softens it so that I can easily detangle it. I detangle first with my fingers and plate into four sections as shown above. Then I take section by section adding more conditioner as needed and using my big ionic detangler  brush, starting from the ends, I gently brush through my hair to detangle further. I Braid each section. Like most of you reading this, I usually wash my hair in the shower; however, if you are not than, next emerge half of my head under running water add shampoo.

Focusing on my scalp I massage the shampoo in to remove built up oils and debris. I only shampoo my hair…probably once a month so I want to get it as clean as possible!. Rinse. (repeat other side if not in shower, using this same process) Finally, if any braids managed to survive the washing, I will take down the remainder braids… add my leave-in conditioner and oils and style as desired (for me that would usually mean air drying and shape into style during this hot season- I’ve been rocking my afro!) hahah….

Clean Hair is Happy Hair!!!

Towel Dried

clean hair 0


clean hair 1


clean hair

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