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The time has come to clean these natty dreads!!! My head is actually holding up pretty well. Let’s see, I’ve had these locs in …for probably about, almost 4 weeks now. Actually, the reason I am co-washing them this time instead of just shampooing them as usual, is because I want to do a moisturizing treatment on my real hair -at the roots and underneath the synthetic hair. Maintaining my natural hair is very important to me, as this is just a protective hairstyle I am wearing while I grow out and nurse my hair back to health, after all that harsh coloring from last year’s fun times. Hahaha


Great question! If you’re not familiar with co-washing, here’s a great place to start. CLICK HERE to read more 

hair products for cowash


Coconut Oil
Apricot Oil
Suave Naturals sun-ripened strawberry Conditioner
JoJoba Oil

I would normally use unrefined cold pressed coconut oil for this but I had to take it to the kitchen for this time…seeing that I was out of my usual beloved unrefined coconut oil. Hey -what ever works, huh? 🙁 …lol


coconut oil

I coat my roots with coconut oil. Making sure to saturate it nicely. I also add a little of the apricot oil for added moisture. Then follow it with a much needed scalp massage…probably like 15 – 20 minutes, perfect!

I let it soak in overnight. If you are short on time -1 to 3 hours is a good amount of time to get a good soaking 😉

I am using apricot oil this time, but I love to use the avocado oil matched with the coconut oil for added moisture. I couldn’t find my avocado oil.

FYI- I will be installing a lock on my bathroom cabinets. :-/

Again, I’m focusing on my roots and the strands closest to my scalp. I don’t worry about the down the shaft of the faux locs because its synthetic hair.

During the rinsing process, I continue to focus on my scalp area. Making sure to thoroughly rinse the majority of conditioner from it. I use the word “majority,” because my aim is just to remove the excess conditioner.


sauve sun-ripened strawberry conditioner

In the morning (or for you it may be a couple of hours later), I saturate generously my roots of hair with the sun-ripened strawberry conditioner from Suave. Followed by another 5 min massage.. it just feels so good- but I don’t have time for all that this morning! haha

I let it soak for a few hours as I go about my day- getting some things done… 1-3 hours.

Once my scalp is clean to my liking, I will run a rinse on the longer hair strands.(OVER THE SINK METHOD)

If in the shower, the conditioner will rinse down the hair shaft of the dreads. So that’s why I don’t worry about it during this process.

Also, by my locs being so long, it can get weighed down and become very heavy. That’s why I am modifying the process and washing them over the sink.

Jojoba oil is a nice sealant oil. Sealing in all the moisture and adding extra protection for my natural hair. I love how soft and shiny it makes it as well.


jojoba oil-apricot oil

After I towel dry my hair, I will follow up by lightly applying a little jojoba oil on my roots… and of course I give a little massage as well.

Style my faux locs -most likely in an up-do of some sort. Then I’m off to complete my day!! 🙂

It’s optional to add a little more of the apricot oil for moisture before you seal it with the jojoba oil. Also, if your synthetic hair feels a tad bit rough, you can run the excess oil on your hands down the full strands of locs.

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Did you try this method? How did it workout for you? Do you have any additional questions or comment? Drop them below and I will answer personally.